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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Naked Hue.

Hey everyone, hope you're all cheery :)

I'm just about to photograph my nail polish collection, but I thought I'd quickly whack a little update post up first. The other day I got a very special delivery and I thought I'd show you what I got:

Urban decay Naked Palette.

MAC 'Hue' lipstick. Hello massive camera shadow ;)

I really shouldn't have bought these, but I've been lusting after both for about 3 months. Neither I could justify spending so much money on, however sheer desire eventually won. ;) The Naked palette was £35. Anyone who's read more than one beauty blog will know what it is, the ultimate cult eyeshadow palette. With it's little sister the Naked 2 palette having been just released in the UK (on the Debenhams website at least), you may be wondering why I bought the original? The simple answer is, I just prefered the wider selection of brown tones. I love it! Although now ViviannaDoesMakeup (how do I tag people? I feel like I'm robbing her info lol) bought MAC Soba recently and posted about it. Oh my gosh, it's like a dark chocolatey brown eyeshadow. I need it. Apparently an addict can never have enough ;) Hence why I'm doing my nail polish collection now, I'm desperately trying to convince myself to cull a few! Eek.

The MAC Hue lipstick (£13.50) is permanently listed in people's favourites on Youtube. As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm not the biggest 'nude shades' fan, but I'm learning to appreciate them. I am in love with this lipstick and I can't stop wearing it, but I can't put my finger on why? It's a paleish pink (nowhere near as bright or pale as the 'Saint German' shade - I'm trying to branch in to subtle) and really creamy. It almost feels like a lipblam and as a Glaze finish it is very sheer. My lips are SO dry though so it still looks a bit patchy. Can anyone recomend a really good lip scrub? I have Lush's Pow Wow popping candy scrub, it's okay but I need a miracle worker! Anyway, I piled my purchases on to my face, as I'm prone to, and this was the finished look:


Naked and Buck eyeshadows, Max Factor Masterpiece and YSL mascaras :)
Firstly I know that's a really weird angle for a FOTD, but I used my MAC Fix+ and it gave me MEGA SHINE. Lesson learnt. I like the matte shadows with the lipstick because I think they make a quite natural but put together look. I'm also a new found fan of foundation in a shade that matches my face, although I'm not sure I'll ever be converted fully from my 'foundation tan face' love. ;)

I love how this is my version of a short post. Oops. I'm going to photo my polishes right now so I don't forget, so stay tuned and please follow my blog if you're a fan of nail polishes/obsessive collections.

Ta, Livvy xo


  1. omgggg your eyelashes look incredible!!!!!!!

    1. Aw thanks babe :) I definitely think that's the Max Factor Masterpiece mascara. It's incredible :)

  2. Aw so jealous you got this palette I really want it but my money situation will not allow that right now ha. Love your make up it's really natural and pretty. x

    1. Aw thanks babe :) Oh tell me about it! I'm officially on a spending ban I think. It's a week until my birthday so I'm hoping someone will reimburse me :P
      Ta for reading my posts :)

  3. The products look great on you. I caved and bought the Naked palette a few weeks ago and I love it but don't use it as much as I thought I would. That lippie is on my list too xo

    1. I'm worried about that too, I never really wear eyeshadow :/ Haha. Guess I'll have to start!
      Aw yeah defo get the lippy, I haven't used anything else since I bought it! :) x