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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Career Soul Searching and the Sweet Smell of Success.

Heya, hope you're all good :)

I am currently on a quest to decide what I want to do with my life. I finished University last year so I've got the world at my feet. Only that's my problem, there's a whole lot of everything in the world and for a long time I've been totally stuck as to which direction I should go in. I'm very creative, but a sort of jack of all trades. I don't mean that arrogantly. I mean I'm quite good at a few different creative areas, but I have no area of expertise. I'm the heptathlete of the creative world, but like club level, not Olympic ;) Painting, singing, playing guitar and baking are all things I enjoy and have a reasonable capability in, but I'm not really good at them. You won't see me at the Brit Awards (cry face) and as much as I wish I was Nigella, I'm more of a 'follow the recipe like my life depends on it' type of girl.

After mulling over all these ideas, one thing that stuck in my mind is how much I enjoy writing. Minus the fact I spell some words like a five year old, for whom English is their second language, I feel like I can get a point across. And more importantly I want to get a point across. I want to make people laugh and enjoy reading, maybe whilst learning something or maybe just to distract themselves for five minutes. Hence the birth of this blog, which as yet is still without a distinct purpose. Much like those career plans of mine ;)

So the blog was born. But before that I'd already started a sneeky little project, writing a book. For everyone who I've told thus far, their reactions have been to pretend something urgent has happened in the distance and to walk off. It's funny how people preach hard work and following your dreams, but if your dream hasn't got a mainstream route to success everyone reacts with 'judging, panic and look away face' (why don't they have that as a bbm face ;)). Anyway, fortunately for me I couldn't give a rats arse. It's all the more reason to become successful and indicate to people which passage they can shove their unsupportiveness (word?) up.

Hence my latest epiphany. I love writing, I now love blogging, I love tweeting, I love Youtube and MOST importantly, I love celebrity gossip. It seems to have a reputation for numbing the mind, but judging people from afar is exactly what sports supporters do. Celebrity is my sport, as is evident by the size of my arse. Spectator only. I've got sidetracked. My next idea was that I should become involved in the magazine industry. Everyone loves a magazine, even if it's a secret 'guilty pleasure'. I guarentee if you leave a gossip mag in the bathroom your dad/brother/man friend will ask you why Cheryl Cole didn't hang Ashley up by the goolies? Or how the TOWIE girls manage to apply Ronseal quite so thickly to themselves ;) (not hating, I love a bit of TOWIE). That's a world I want to be in, one that reaches and entertains everyone. That being said, journalism is notoriously hard to get in to. Internships (i.e. working for free) are they only way to get experience before anyone would consider hiring you. And work for free I will! I'd do it for a year if I thought it'd get my foot through the door.

So that is my plan of action, apply for an internship. I say 'an' internship. That's not an intense enough approach for my liking. I'm going all guns blazing, so I picked up a err 'few' magazines to spark some ideas:

A serious pile of magazines.

I want to make sure I sell myself properly, I'm very serious about this idea. So I've got a copy of almost every magazine in the Universe (exaggeration station) to ensure my cover letters are tailored to the style of each mag. Posting this blog could well be a bit of a risk, exposing no particular loyalty to one magazine. But it does show a dedication to writing and I'm fine with that. So that's what I'm going to do, apply like I've got job application tourettes.
Anyone who reads this blog for it's 'beauty' element, regain consciousness here. For with the drive for a healthy career, one must exude the 'sweet smell of success' ;). Cue me grasping at straws to segway towards showing you this:
My Perfume Collection: From left to right - (Back row) 'A Scent' By Issey Miyake (pink bottle), Body Shop's 'Japanese Cherry Blossom', Brintey Spears' 'Midnight', Christian Dior 'Miss Dior - Cherie'. (Front row) Christian Dior 'Miss Dior - Blooming bouquet', Bulgari 'Omniscience', Stella McCartney 'Stella' + a mini Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'. Pheeeeeeeeeew.
I thought I'd show those of you beauty addicts my little collection. As you can probably see I sit nicely on the fence between floral and sweet. I love smelling feminine. Definitely not a musk fan, bar my Bulgari perfume which I love for the evening. It's definitely the elephant in the room... Or collection. Are there any scents anyone can recommed for me based on my mini-collection? Anything feminine I'm missing? Apart from Gucci's 'Flora', which I'm oh too aware of. Sad face. What's your favourite perfume?
One last addition to this epic compilation, I thought I'd show you where I store them:

My amazing drawers (Prescence), perfume, pictures, candles and room-smell-beautiful-afiers... The name will come to me ;)
My room isn't too big so I like how I've utilised the top of a chest of drawers for these.

Right I better stop writing before I'm called to court for boring people to death ;). Let me know if you like these type of posts? The perfume or the life stories? They probably should have been a seperate post, but my life is a precarious balance of the two atm.

Ta for reading, gold stars if you've reached the end.

Livvy xo


  1. Have you heard that ITV2 are doing some sort of a journalism reality show, competitiomn type thing? I dont know weather you'd fancy that but wanted to mention it just incase... :0) x

    1. Ah really? That sounds so cool. Thank you so much for telling me. I think I need to start at the bottom though... I'm experienceless lol! Urghh why can't the dream job just pop up on my doorstep?! :P x