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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Lush, disco and sensibility. (I went to the shops and I bought...)

Heya, hope you're all okay :)

In the summer I moved in to a flat, it came with the double edged sword of being a five minutes walk away from the town centre. Now if I need to meet friends or pop in to Boots for some essentials it's fab, however once I'm in town I can't stay away from the shops. In fact, the quickest way home is through Boots. That's just asking for trouble. I am not one of those people that can pop in for some toothpast and leave, knowing full well there's a floor of make-up above me. After lunch with my Dad the other day I came home via the shops. With the addition of a few other recent purchases, I thought I may as well haul the lot. Needless to say I'm not bragging, I just love having a nose at other peoples shopping, so I thought I'd share my lot :)

First up I went in to Presence, which is like a stationery/candles/cool random bits and bobs shop. I bought something I'd been eyeing up for ages and managed to steer clear of buying any Yankee candles, which was like walking away from a fidge with a magnet strapped to my back. My favourite scent BY FAR is Lemon Lavendar, but I already have that. So I bought this:

Waldo Pancake 'I could have been a notebook' Notebook. £6.99

I bought this because I really want to write a novel, so it's just to remind me to follow my dream. Someone got their feet out? Smells like cheeeese ;) But it's true. To me £6.99 is literally ridiculous for a notebook, on this occasion I felt the splurge was necessary. Although, it's not like I'll be writing the story in it. That would be classic cave-man. I may as well have bought a slate and some chalk.

Next I went to Lush. My intention was just to inhale the concoction of smells that just IS bath time, but naturally the one day I didn't want something I got the over-eager assistant. I was guilted in to purchasing, or that's my excuse ;) I got:
Left to right: 'Sweet Soap of Mine' - 2 soaps (1 The Godmother + 1 Rock Star), (top) 'Charity Pot' moisturiser tin, 'Veganese' conditioner.

After a consultation with the lovely/eager guy that worked there, I rejected all of his help. Purely because he was showing me skin care and I bow to Liz Earle's superiority. As I casually side-shuffled away from him I found myself at the soap counter, sniffing the most incredible sweet smell. After shoving my face in almost all of the soaps I found 'Rock Star' to be the source. Like an eagle waiting for it's prey a second assistant ceased the chance to help me. Bugger, I thought. I was wrong, she directed me to this multi-pack. The soaps smell very similar, sweet and fruity. Amazing. Sold. Then I wandered to the hair area. My head has been so dry this winter so I was searching for a natural shampoo that didn't smell like something a cow had eaten then projectile sicked back up. I went for Veganese. This was stupid on two levels; first it smells like lemon and grass, fail. Second, it's actually a conditioner. I now have FOUR conditioners and an itchy head. What a wally. Eventually I get to the til, practically throwing myself towards it to avoid any more help. Little did I know that the charity pots were at the til. Only £1 and that goes to charity. To avoid any further discussion, I purchased it. It smells like chocolate and is actually quite nice, it doesn't dry quickly though so it leaves your skin a bit soggy. I didn't even ask what the charity was. Lush trip = 'saved by the soap'.
Last that day was the unavoidable trap that is Boots. I would love to work there but I don't think my wages would ever make it home with me ;) On this occasion I got:
Left to right: TRESemme 'Naturals' shampoo in Nourishing Moisture, Rimmel 'Disco Ball' nail varnish and Natural Collections 'Peach Melba' blush.

The shampoo doesn't really need explaining, I was rectifying 'Veganese-gate'. I normally use TRESemme anyway, it's only the harsh winter that's dried my scalp. I thought the natural version might do the trick. My head hasn't exploded so... win. Rimmel's 'Disco Ball' polish has been sold out of my local Boots and 2 Superdrugs for ages. Apparently I was going to buy it ages ago, but I thought it was just a plain silver (it's actually rainbow glitter, which reflects beautifully in the light). My friend reminded me of this as she displayed what looked like the night sky on her nails. Disco Ball over a dark purple by Barry M I was assured. That was it, mission Disco Ball was deployed. It took me about 2 weeks to get my hands on it. Two lessons; 1) If you love something, buy it (especially if it's £3, it was reduced to £1.99 when I got it though ;)) and 2) Perserverance pays off. The blush I just bought because I've seen it recommended quite a lot on Youtube. I've only tried it once and to be honest, I didn't really rate it. Basically because it didn't show up on my skin tone/the tone my skin is when I put my make-up on, my 'I'm going to pretend my face is tanned' colour. I'll keep you posted when I re-try it though.

So that was that trip, not particularly epic compared to the jungle adventure I've hyped it up to be. When I got in though, there was also a package for me. It was just some shoes I ordered in anticipation of needing a job/interviews for internships. These black moccasins from Asos are the culprits:

Just realised I haven't priced anything, comment if you want me to check for you :)

They are a bit pinchy, so I definitely need to wear them in. Feet dripping with blood does not scream 'hire me'!

Last and probably least, I popped back in to Boots today (I might as well initiate the staff in to my family, I'm there that often) to spend my No. 7 voucher. For anyone who doesn't know, every few months Boots give out £5 off vouchers for their No. 7 brand with any purchase. It's amazing, except you spend it and get given another one. Normally I'd buy a nail polish. However, I know have over 50... I know. Get me some help. Or comment if you'd like to see the collection ;) So, I thought I'd best avoid buying one for now. Instead I came across this:

Boots No.7 'Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Care'.

I've not heard anything about this, but with the vouceher it was £2, so I thought 'Why not give it a go?' Considering I'm such a nail polish freak, I've never owned a product that actually cares for my nails. In fact, my nails are almost never 'polishless'. Today is their first naked apperance, I think they're blushing ;) I've put on the cream which has the smell of a moisturiser, good start, so I'll let you know how I get on.

That's it, my mini haul. Do you like reading hauls? Do you always 'accidentally' buy a few extra things? What are your recent guilty purchases? Be sure to let me know in the comments :)

Livvy xo


  1. I'd love to see your nail collection! I seem to have a zillion too, and worringly most seem to be of the same shade :/


  2. I kinda hate the word haul in post titles for some reason but I like having a nosy at what people have bought! xo

    1. Haha, same. It sounds like someone bought looooads. Kind of unavoidable when writing, but I left it out the title :) Ta for reading. xo