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Thursday, 19 January 2012

F.O.T.D. and the Storage Dilemma.

Hi everyone, hope you're all fine and dandy :)

Sorry I haven't posted in nearly a week. My friends came to visit so shopping and gossiping took precedent ;) Luckily for me these particular friends LOVE make-up. One time me and one of them stared at the Boots make-up counters for 2 whole hours! This time I branched away from them slightly as they shopped, a smart decision as they spent half an hour staring at Barry M Dazzle Dust. I know I would have bought some if I'd looked, but with a drawer of eye make-up I really couldn't merit purchasing any. Sad, sad times.

First I thought I'd show you my 'FOTD' as I went full on "homage to Pat Butcher". She was a character in Eastenders who died recently :( (RIP Pat). If you aren't familiar with her, leopard print and giant earrings were her game. Not that I watch Eastendes any more, but my new leopard print dolly bow style hair band from Primark inspired me:

Above: FOTD. Below: Hair of the Day. (By the way I'm not naked, I was wearing a strapless dress. Really awkward). :P

On my face I have my Boujoir Healthy Mix Foundation (the serum one) in shade 53. This is a new addition, I previously used 55 but I'm going to save that for summer as I was starting to look a little mahogany. Not my natural shade unfortunately. I also used NARS orgasm blush, Maybeline One by One and YSL mascaras, ELF brow kit, ELF cool bronzer and the main feature - Studiomakeup (is that 2 words, it's written as 1 on the packet?) lipstick in 'really red'. I acquired it in the special Christmas edition of the Boudoir Prive box (before they became Jollie box). As you'll see in my nail varnish collection (coming soon) I am a big fan of brights. I know, shock! Most bloggers/Youtubers I see are all about the neutrals. And although they have lead me to appreciate our muted friends, brights will always be my BFFs ;) So when I saw this lipstick I was a bit like, that's definitely darker than I'd go for. That's the beauty of beauty boxes, they introduce you to new things. Not that I'm subscribed to any, I'm too sceptical that the month I subscribe they'll give out a shoe horn and a green hair dye. Back to my point, this lipstick is gorgeous. It's a classy red, and I'll freely admit my fave reds whisper 'I stand on street corners'. Lovely. On top I've just whacked a bit of the bright red Glam Shine Reflexion gloss by L'Oreal. I'd give you the specific shade but it's been so loved the label's rubbed off. This post is not painting me in the most favourable light ;) Oh dear.

For my hair I just put it in a high pony tail, but didn't pull it all the way through, giving it a sort of 'fanned out bun' effect. I saw Nikki Phillipi (I'm still a blog cave-man so I can't tag her) do it on her Youtube and thought I'd have a go. I love it, I really felt fun with it and the leopard print head-band together. My hair's nearly always in a scraped back bun, but it's always nice to break the rules every once in a while. ;) In my ears I'm wearing some gorgeous earrings my friend gave me for Christmas, they're from Accesorize. :)

With my face on I went for lunch with my Dad. Yummy and free. Win. When I got home I was feeling pro-active... Or guilty because I shopped a bit on the way home. Such an addict. So I decided to do something I'd been meaning to do for about 5 months. Buy a clothes rail. In my bedroom there's not really space for a big wardrobe, well there is but I like floor space to sit and do my make-up, so I had to find an alternative. After months of procrastinating I settled on this:
2 tier clothes rail.
This is a two-tier clothes rail. It's amazing, I'm just hoping it doesn't break. As you can see by the epic tower of plastic drawers next to it I'm trying to get as much storage as I can for as little money. The drawers are stackable set of 3 from Wilkos and the rail is from Argos. I'm so proud of myself, a) that I put the rail up by myself, DIY pro ;) and b) that my clothes are actually hung up. I can only dream of being like these girls whose room tours I watch on Youtube. Am I the only messy person on the planet? The only down side to the rail is that it's not tall enough for dresses. I've folded the bottom over the hanger of most of my dresses and hung the maxi-dresses on the end. I'll keep you posted on my rail's ability to cope with my clothes ;)

That's it for today folks. Stay tuned for my nail varnish collection. If you like my blog please follow it as I'm still a bit of a loner on here ;)

Link me in the comments if you have any storage or FOTD posts for me to nosey at :)
Ta, Livvy xo

(Oh P.S. I kept calling my MAC blush 'Pink O'Peach' in previous posts, it's actually called 'Pinch O'Peach'. What a doofus!)


  1. I don't know how you've done it but you've managed to make that leopard print Primark hair band look both classy and cute! Love that lippy on you xo

    1. Hahaha! Thanks doll :) It was originally for 'inside the flat, guilty pleasure, pretending I have "swag"' :P But I thought I'd rock it out. xx

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