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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Boys Love Cars, I Love Nars.

Heya, hope you're all okay :)

Today I thought I'd share my love for Nars. Like a man's (and woman's, but that would've made for an epic title) love for cars, a make-up addicts love for Nars is often one of 'admiring from a far'. As a high end brand it is understandably out of a lot of people's price ranges, mine included. It is loved and admired, but is it worth the money? I have invested in 2 Nars items to test the waters:

Left - Nars Scarlet Empress. Right - Nars Orgasm.

Swatches: Bottom - Scarlet Empress. Top - Orgasm.
Immediately most of you will have spotted the Orgasm blush on the right (top pic), a cult product in the make-up world. What's up with the name though? I find it a bit vulgar to be honest, definitely felt uncomfortable asking the lady at the counter for an orgasm. Oh well, it's not like it imprints the word orgasm on to your face. The packaging just looks expensive. The simple black and white and the rubber texture, although a word of warning, the rubber collects foundation if you still have any on your hands. Not pretty. The product itself is beautiful, there's no denying it. It's quite sheer but it just adds an effortless glow to the cheeks. It's warming and inviting, it has a peachey undertone but like I said it's very sheer. So is it worth the money? I'm not sure. I definitely think my judgement has been thrown off kilter by the cost and the hype. I love it, I know I do, but I wonder if I would love it as much if I hadn't been told to? It's definitely worth a purchase if you fancy splashing out. Although if I had to pick between this and my MAC Pink O'Peach I think the MAC would win. Possibly. They're both incredible.

The lipstick on the other hand, Scarlet Empress, is just divine! It's really pigmented and stays on your lips for hours. I took a pic of it on my lips, which if anything highlights the need for lip liner: ;)
Fit angle ;)

This is it when dabbed, straight on it is a deep purpley red. I know a lot of people would say if you're splashing out on high end, go for something wearable. However I find that lots of high street/drugstore brands do day-to-day amazingly. If I'm spending loads of money I want something that makes people stop in their tracks. This is my number 1 favourite lipstick at the moment. I obviously don't wear it daily, but it is absolute perfection for those special occasions.

So is Nars the Lamborghini of the make-up world? In my opinion, definitely. I feel indulgent wearing it and get the biggest buzz buying it. In a strange way it's nice not to be able to afford lots of it, because it's more of an occasion when I can buy it. Next on my list is definitely the 'Tropic' eyeshadow. OMG, you have to swatch it to see it's beauty. I almost purchased it out of sheer need one day, but that would have meant spending my dinner money so I saw the light. Just about.

Do you have any Nars products? What products are on your dream list?
Livvy xo


  1. Nice blog girly - I don;t own any Nars but your posts kind of tempts me to try something new. I'm very set in my ways when it comes to cosmetics; i've sort of figured out a set that works for me and am reluctant to break out... but thanks for this, deffs inspiring! I'm your newest follower, you're doing a great job here! You can check me out here..



  2. Cute post title! And you've just reminded me I have a NARS eyeshadow palette from the Modern Kabuki Holiday 2011 collection that I've yet to use!

    Emma xo

    1. Thanks doll :) Oh my gosh! Please tell me what it's like when you've used it. I'm really intruiged by their eyeshadows! xx

  3. I just bought two Nars eyeshadow duos (Silk Road and Kalahari) from Asos!! I love them!! Great post xx

    1. I'm really excited for you! So tempted to invest ;) Ta for commenting :) x