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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Nail Varnish Collection.

Alright girls, hope you're all loving life :)

It's time for the big one, my nail varnish collection. I'll warn you now it screams 'addict!' I've photographed my storage for it, then the polishes by brand then a miscellaneous pile at the end. I started off with 57 nail polishes. Eeeeek! I've narrowed it down to 44 now. I know that's still criminal, but you never know when you'll need 7 shades of blue. Right? :/ Haha.

So first off I'll show you how I store them:
My drawer top with my polishes, sprays (deodorant/hair spray), a fruit bowl of body products, 2 spare purses and some lip balm. It looks a bit cluttered but I love that shabby-all-over-the-place-chic thing :)
Up close: My nail polishes in a rose styled white wire rack from BHS.
The empty rack with white card in, to stop the polishes from going walkies, and a turquoise butterfly hair clip my Mum got me from Turkey.
Up close: The white card is just cut to size and folded in half. I saw DollyBowBow use this trick on her Youtube channel :)

I love my pretty wire rack. It doesn't take up much space and I can easily pull them out to have a look at. Originally I had them all on a drawer to lined up, but I kept knocking them over. Not practical. I feel like the rack is a good compromise between sensible and aesthetically pleasing. :)

On to the actual polishes, I'll just name the brands and put close-ups of a few faves. If you want to know a specific shade please do comment and ask, I'm more than happy to check for you:

Essie. Definitely my fave brand for wearable daytime neutrals. Although, you'll notice those shades are few and far between. ;)

Models Own + Models Own Pro (which looks a beautiful, shimmery emerald green in the bottle - it comes out almost black on my nails though. Sigh).

Barry M. - A.k.a. I have a serious issue. They're so affordable at £2.99 each and for the most part they only need a couple of coats. And the colour range is immense... I realise that has lead me to a few faux pas (bogey green, I'm looking at you) but we live and learn.

Boots No.7 - I.e. The crusaders of the £5 off voucher. Theses are of surprisingly good quality and the speed dry ones are complete gems. I'd never pay £7 for them though. Have a word Boots!

Revlon. Dribble. Facets of Fuschia (left) is my favourite. The more coats the better. Chunky glitter in deep purple, it's just pure heaven. In fact, all the Revlon formulas are beautiful and they have some gorgeous unique shades. Serious thumbs up.

Rimmel. I wouldn't write home about Rimmel polishes as they're quite translucent and need a good few coats. Disco Ball, however, (second from the left) is amazing! It looks silver, but it sparkles like a rainbow and looks like the night sky over a deep blue. A must have at only £2.99 (well I got it for £1.99 on offer, BARG!)

Max Factor. Don't buy these. They're practically see through. It's such a shame because I love their colours! The only reason I have so many is because I bought 2 to get a free gift box, which the other 2 came in. Luckily for Max Factor their Masterpiece mascara was in the gift or I would have been put off for life.

OPI. I love this polish. OPI is £10.99 or there abouts in England though, that's insane! I got this as a gift, I really can't justify spending that much myself (she says, wait until we get to Nails Inc.). That's the cost of 3 Barry M's with some change left over. It is incredible though.

Nails Inc. Oh the beauty. The one on the left is limited edition. It was hideously expensive, I only bought it because I saw Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup wearing a similar colour which I thought was this. It was actually a previous limited colour and a dupe for Essie's Ladylike, which I bought because it actually looks nothing like this on. On the flip side Victoria, on the right, was free in a magazine (was it Glamour? I can't remember) and I LOVE it. It's like a deep blood red. Paints on like a dream.

I don't even know... I think they were my Mum's. Possibly Marks+Spencers? I just included these to indicate when hoarding goes too far. Oh dear.

Miscellaneous: (Top Left to Right) Miss Sporty x2, MUA, ELF, M+S
(Bottom Left to Right) Miners (No idea, my friend stole that from her Mum and gave that to me when we were about 9. Oops), 17, M+S, Collection 2000 & M+S. Standouts are the blue Miss Sporty, it's a really unique, fun colour, the 17 magnetic blue (which creates a cool way effect, plus it just gets extra points for having a magnet!) and the turquoise M+S colour. Beautiful.

Now for my close up:



And that's my humble collection. I managed a small purge, ridding myself of these few:

Max Factor's water in a pot and Barry M's vomit shades took the main hit, along with a few others claiming their pensions. (Nice bit of celotape on my drawers, Christmas left overs. Can't buy class.)

It might not look like many to get rid of, but to be honest I'm always changing up the colour of my nails. My lipstick collection is more of a cause for concern, but I'll save that for another post.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my stash, it took frickin ages to photo/write. I'm appreciating pro-bloggers more!

Do you have a nail varnish collection? What's your ultimate fave polish? Are you team neutral or brights?Ta for reading and please follow/comment if you liked my post,

Livvy xo


  1. You have some great colours here. I love both brights and neutrals and my faves change all the time - right now I'm liking creamy nudes and pastels to get me in the mood for spring! xo

    1. Same! Although I can't see what could possibly tip my Revlon one off the top spot ;) Ahh me too! I'm definitely on the hunt for a minty green :) xx

  2. You have a great collection, Love your Barry M collection, seen a couple i may have to buy! The white rack is so lovely too! xo


    1. Ahh which ones? I followed your channel too btw :) Yeah the rack is gorg! I bought 2 because it was so gorgeous I panicked! Haha. xx

  3. Wow what a great collection.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I am now following you ;-)
    Don't forget to check out my nail polish giveaway.

    1. Aw thank you babe! I'd enter your comp but I have the blue one. Everyone else should check it out though :) xx

  4. Wow! You have the most enviable nail collection! And that wire rack is adorable too. Love the Essie shades especially, I've yet to try them out. xx

  5. Isn't it! I love little random things like the rack. I think I'm just naturally a bit shabby :P Definitely try some Essie polish when you get a chance. It just makes your hands look so classy :) x

  6. That is one BEAUTIFUL nail varnish collection!! I'm slowly building mine up but really need to bin all the rubbish that I baught back in the school disco days! haha, I love your blog and am now following :) x P.S I have almost the exact same wire storage thingy and LOVE it

    1. Haha. Oh tell me about it! I also had a 'trying too hard to be different phase'... Hence that vile yellow! My skins already yellow, I looked jaundice. Ah really? It is amazing! Cute and practical, unlike those beauts bird cage things. I want one but it think it'll end up as clutter :P x