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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My Christmas Pressies.

Hi, I hope everyone's all good.

So this is my first proper blog. I imagine it will be epic in length and spellingly (not a word, should be) challenged. First I just want to do the little typical disclaimer on these sorts of present blogs or videos, I'm really not gloating or bragging about what I got. I'm very grateful for everything I recieved and I know I absolutely love having a nosey at what other people get, so I thought I'd just start off with something simple and in my opinion, fun. That being said, let's have a cheeky peaky at what Santa dropped off this year :)

I'm just popping up a few things I got because I think you can all just use your imaginations for the chocolate wrappers whose insides didn't make it to photographing day ;)

First up I got some amazing presents from my friends:

Barry M Nail Paints in 'Foil Effects 144' (Left)
and 'Silver Glitter 140'.

Front Cover 'Top Drawer' Pencil Collection.

Ted Baker - Nude toned patent purse
(Not sure if it has an actual name).

I love Barry M! It was the perfect sparkle for New Years. Not that I did anything, but I'm sure my flat appreciated the glitz ;) The eye pencil collection from Front Cover is such a cool gift. It's got 6 funky coloured jumbo pencils and a black kohl one. I'm particularly in love with a coffee coloured one called 'Moccasin' in the set, which I use on my waterline to brighten my eyes. All I would say is some of the colours are quite sheer, so if they're being used on the eyelids they'd be best over an eyeshadow. The next gift is just one of those 'OHMYGOSHIMSOEXCITEDICOULDWEE' presents. I have been in love with this purse forever. I can't believe my friend bought it for me, it was so generous of her. I bought my three friends that got me these little Soap and Glory gift sets. The purse of my dreams definitely overshadowed my gifts majorly, so I went back out and bought her some Marc Jacobs earrings. Much better ;)

The next present I got from two of my friends was huge:

Soap and Glory 'Big Splendour' gift set.

Until recently I hadn't owned any Soap and Glory products. I'd heard the hype but to be honest until about 3 months ago, the whole beauty/make-up scene wasn't for me. Oh how times change and bank accounts squirm.

I had purchased a mini 'The Righteous Butter' and 'Hand Food' just before Christmas. I was immediately in love with how silky soft the products were. They have the softness of Nivea Smooth but are also scented with a heady, rosey, soapy smell. Obviously that is not a technical description, I'm still toddling in the beauty world, but I'm sure most of you will have smelt them anyway.

I saw this giant case of beauty when I was with my friends and it was on sale. In a spooky case of  coincidence, they had already bought me one for Christmas but live half way up the country and couldn't haul it on the trains. So fortunately for me, they repurchased it. I say fortunately for me, I've heard 'Santa' let them keep its predecessor. :P

You might be thinking, wow that is a seriously huge present from your friends. Never fear, as we've earlier discovered I don't leave the present scales unbalanced. In this case it was them re-balancing it, bless them, because I'd got them tickets to see a certain group of boys for one of their birthdays:

One Direction :)

I'm 21 and I don't care if you all want to judge me for seeing them. They were frickin amazing. Guilty pleasure number 2. Guilty pleasure number 1 is...

The Wanted 2012 Calendar.

The Wanted. Amazing. I'll keep that under my hat for the rest of time ;) My Dad bought me the calendar which I'm seriously impressed with. He once bought me a Hear'Say annual about 5 years after they split up. Big improvement.

Okay so if you're still reading you are either a hero, procrastinating from work/essays/tidying or you've just looked at the clock and realised an hour of your life has just soaked up in to the black hole that is this blog post. I'll round up now and gradually include the rest of my gifts in other posts.

Finally, I had to include these dvds I got:

Downton Abbey Series 2 box-set (Left) +
Greg Davies Live - 'Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog'.

My friend gave me the Downton Abbey Series 1 box-set to borrow when I was ill earlier in the year. It was just as the second series was running on telly so I missed it all. It is seriously addictive. There's a big range of characters, some you love to hate and also some ridiculous but utterly unmissable plot lines. I'd certainly recommend it if you need a box-set on your shelves ready for a poorly day. I haven't watched the second series yet because it's set during WWII and I know it will be sad. I get so emotionally attatched to dramas and films, it's unhealthy. ;)

Lastly is the Greg Davies dvd, if you don't know who he is and you're British then you've bought shame on our nation ;) For anyone else, he is a Comedian. One of the best, not even in my opinion, just a fact. He was also the teacher in The Inbetweeners tv series/film. Again if you haven't seen that, I hope you're already opening up Channel 4 catch up to watch it. Basically, I love him. I'm going to say in a borderline creepy way ;) Joking, but I do think he's amazing. I belly laughed through 70% of the dvd, to the point where I couldn't inhale fast enough to laugh more. I thought I might just be being biased, but I left it for my brother to watch and sure enough I heard the echoing laugh of someone taken off guard at how piss funny something is. Greg Davies is my number 1 recommendation.

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Livvy xo

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  1. i love the Ted Baker purse; its gorgeous! :) xo