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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Free-Styler (Rock the Microphone ;))

Hey gang, hope you're all spiffing (Just watched Masterchef and they were cooking at a Jane Austen convention. Immense).

Today I thought I'd share with you my complete lack of fashion. Now it's not that I have no sense in fashion, I just have two major problems. A) I'm on the 'squidgier' side of life, so trousers make me look like a toffee apple (so sexy ;)) and B) I like statement pieces, so unfortunately I spend all my money on funky items that really don't go together (staple wardrobe items needed). In fact a look I frequent is the 'just fell in to my wardrobe and left the house like that' look. This is not too far from my make-up story a few months ago. I loved make-up but I'd just whack colours on my face that I liked, even if they didn't go with my skin tone (for example pink eyeshadow makes me look like I have pink eye, beautiful). I've learnt a lot about make-up from Youtube and blogs now, although there are still some faux pas (too much white eyeliner on the water line, smokey eyes AND dark lips... If the Pixiewoo sisters are Make-up doctors, I'm at like GCSE level ;)). So as I was browsing for make-up books the other day I thought I'd purchase something a bit different:
Style - Lauren Conrad
I confess (with some pride, as I normally indulge in reality tv) that I haven't watched too many episode of The Hills. Thankfully. My mind is a Snorlax already (big up Pokemon ;)), I think too much time watching it would have started killing off my already lounging brain cells. I've seen enough to know who the people in it are though, and out of all of them Whitney and Lauren are the two I can stand. Spencer needs a smack round the face, but that's not relevant (also irrelevant, I would kill to look like Audrina. Someone fell out the pretty tree and/or surgeon's office). Aaaaaanyway, I do love Lauren's style, so when I saw this book I had a little flick. It's really on my level, a proper back to basics vision of how to look simple and chic. It's not that I want to beat out the quirkiness of my wardrobe, I just want to look put together. So I got the book for £9.99 in WH Smiths if anyone's interested.

There are 3 sections in the book. Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle. I won't lie, I immediately ended up here:
The beauty section of the style book. Oops.

I did learn a few things from the beauty section, as with the rest of the book it's fab for a simple, stylish look (especially simple as Lauren has a phobia of wearing eyeshadow. Partly hilarious, partly reasonable, eyeshadow has got to be the no.1 culprit for 'clown face'). But thanks to my constant viewing of blogs and make-up videos, I quickly got throught that chapter and had to brave the foreign territory. Clothes. The first section I came to was about clearing out your wardrobe of old crap. You'd think that wouldn't be my problem, but I'm a serial 'buy-it-and-if-it-doesn't-look-nice-keep-it-anyway' person. So NOT good. I found like 5 things with the tags on. I've got a GORGEOUS River Island cream dress that is too clingy for me (or anyone I know that's size 14, as it is) to wear, but I can't bare to sell it. I need to find it a happy home. Considering I'm not a clothes addict, I do love them. So I had a little clear out - bar the cream dress.

I haven't got to the other chapters on what are the essentials to have in your wardrobe yet. Partly because I don't have any money, partly because I'm carrying some serious "2011 was a terrible year so I ate a LOT of pizza" weight and partly because it will just highlight to me how much I need to re-landscape my wardrobe (I keep writing wardrobe even though I have a rail not a wardrobe. I think I just miss the word wardobe. Wardrobe. Okay, done). When I've read more I'll keep you posted on my little toddle in to the fashion world. I might even go and buy a copy of Harpers Bazaar which I definitely just buy because I love the name and pretty pictures. I'm hoping it sends subliminal messages to my brain. No luck thus far. ;)

What key items do you have to have in your wardrobe (snuck another one in ;))? What fashion items do you think are over-rated? Let me know, I'm a keen learner. :)

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