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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

An Ode To My Favourite (Retired) Boots

Heya, hope you're all enjoying the drizzly weather ;)

Today I wanted to do a quick post on my favourite boots. They aren't the prettiest, or the most on trend, but they are the best. Comfy, go with everything (in my mind), work the stained look with pride... These boots have reached their twilight. I've set them away to retire, unable to let them go just yet. OTT? Quite possibly. But I've worn these boots practically every day for the best part of a year. Here are the humble beauties:

These basic military(ish) style boots are from River Island. I got them in a sale for about £20 reduced form £60 I think. Bargain! I love them so much more than I thought. As I'm tall and 'curvey' more masculine styles can make me look a bit butch, sexy. Not these though. I could bang on about them for weeks. Honestly. I'm sure everyone has that one faithful item of footwear. What's yours?
They've lived through several muddy fields, torrential rain, a peice of chewing gum has stained them for at least 6 months; but that's what makes them unique. They look loved. Because they are!

Unfortunately, owing to the heel of one of the boots no longer having a close relationship with the actual boot (i.e. a massive hole), they have reached retirement. And though they can no longer be worn, I want to say thank you and farewell to my beloved boots.


Livvy xo

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  1. These are lovely! RI do the best military boots. I get what you're saying, I used to live in a pair of pink high top Converse with rainbow laces (don't worry, I was like 13 haha!) and I lost one of them. Still have the other, because I can't bear to let it go after giving me so much joy :') xxx