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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

April Empties and a Little Bit Of Liv's Life ;)

Hey gang, hope you're all... asleep actually. It's about12.30am. Lol.

After a rather ridiculous nap at 5pm I've been busy this evening doing another celebrity inspired look, so watch out for that tomorrow. I'd do that post now but I forgot to photograph what make-up I used and I'm now tucked up in bed. Oops.

So I thought I'd do a little waffley post, just some 'get to know me' shananigans. First off I thought I'd show you a quick pic of my 'April Empties'. I decided to jump on the bangwagon because I'm a serial 'never-finish-anything' girl.

Top Left (clockwise) The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel (250ml, £4), L'oreal Collagene Extra Volume Mascara (I think it might be discontinued, can't see it at Boots.com - Looks a LOT like L'oreal Volume Million Lashes though), Batiste Dry Shampoo - a hint of colour dark & deep brown (£3.99 from Boots) and Nivea Daily Essential Fragrance Free Facial Cleansing Wipes for all skin types (similar on sale at Superdrug for £1.52 now!)
I'd recommend all these items, bar the Batiste *shudder*, I'm not a fan of that grey-dustlike texture. The shower gel smells like citrus heaven, and used with the accompanying body butter the smell lasts on your skin. I know it's not to everybody's taste to smell like your shower gel, but personally I think if you can smell that someone's had a wash - that can't be a bad thing.

Now to jabber away aimlessly. First off I just wanted to mention that I saw Example and Wretch 32 live in Manchester at the weekend. 3hr train ride away, let's not even go there. They were SO good. I've never seen such a packed, pumped-up crowd.

A genuine ocean of people. Bet it smelt good down there.

I can't imagine them being big in the beauty blogging world, but I just thought I'd mention I thought they were immense (and I'm not all coral pinks and pouty lips ;)).

Aside from make-up, music and film are my two main passions. Anything creative really and I'm there, which leads me to my next rambling point. I've been painting a bit recently (like I said, anything creative - it's just like face make-up, but on canvas. Lol) and it's had a rather heinous side effect on my beauty regime:

I was painting about 12hrs ago and my nails still look like that, several soaps later. Cry with me. ;)

Paint usually does stain my nails, but an incident involving accidental use of oil paint left my finger tips like that for about 6hrs. I'm hoping nail varnish remover is going to get this off. I paint with a sponge and my fingers quite a bit, so I've only got myself to blame. It's ironic really because I apply almost all of my make-up with brushes.
My Mum wants me to paint her something (very specific might I add, and I'm not good with exact) for her birthday. Naturally I've been painting something completely different, because why be practical ;) I thought I'd show you all my work in progress, just for fun:

Still lots to do. I'm really enjoying it actually. It's funny how you can forget how much you love to do something. Guesses as to what it is in the comments. :)

What have you guys used up this month? And what do you like besides make-up? I'm wondering if all beauty obsessives have that creative gene too?
Have a lovely week,

Livvy x


  1. I saw Example about 3 years ago at this tiny little gig in Camden and I've been to see him like 4 times since he's that good! Was gonna see him in London last Friday but couldn't go, was gutted. Glad you had a fab time though! And that painting is looking so amazing! I won't lie, I don't know what it is (the sea?) and I know absolutely nothing about art, but even I can see you got skillz! xxx

    1. Aw bad times. Yeah he's SO good live :) And good guess! It's a sunset over the sea :) Ta doll. xx

  2. I love Batiste! I don't like the grey dustiness but I do like it when it's brushed through and my hair suddenly has texture and volume that it never had before! xo

    1. I agree with you about the volume. But the grey dust is just not for me! Haha. Plus my hair's pretty big anyway, and I don't want to go down the Russel Brand route ;) x