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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Thighs of Thunder #2 - Motivation

Hey ladies, hope you're all ship shape.

I'm already off the schedule I made about a week ago. Mostly because organisation and me don't see eye to eye, but also because I know posts are really boring without pictures... But I can't think what would go with this sort of post. So, I'll be brief.
I'm having the biggest struggle motivating myself to exercise this week. Or to be more specific, I've only exercised once (half-arsedly) this week. Not good. It's just so boring! So I thought I'd do my top 5 pointers for exercise motivation - if only to give myself a kick up the bum:

1. Set realistic goals - Last week I was trying to do too much and this week I feel flat as a pancake because of it. If you can barely walk 3 days after, you've probably overdone it..
2. Be organised - Yup. My favourite word re-occuring again. However much I'm not organised, I know how necessary it is. My plan of action, which I got from the 'toneitupcom' ladies on Youtube, is to set my alarm half an hour early each day and exercise then. That way you can't put it off and you've still got the whole day, because I've also found myself resenting how much time it's taking up.
3. Reverse-chubby-chase -This is just for those actually trying to lose weight. Put up an A4 picture of yourself at your biggest where you exercise (tight clothing/massive pants, the less flattering the better), if that's at home, if not put it on your bedroom door (facing in the bedroom, you don't want your family/flatmates thinking you're fully off your rocker). This way you can pretend you're running/jogging/tap dancing away from your tubby self, whilst actually toning-up a new self :)
4. Don't beat yourself up - If you can't exercise one day, don't panic. Your body needs a day's rest each week, that's when it can re-cover and burn the fat (or something like that). Plus the world isn't going to stop if you have a 'really can't be arsed day'. Just make sure you don't also have a 'going to eat the contents of the fridge' day then too ;) And, if you don't think you can do your usual amount of exercise, do half. Some is better than none.
5. Have something to work towards - Whether it's a bikini body (never in my lifetime, unfortunately) or even just a pair of trousers you can't squeeze your money-maker in to (ding), have something you're looking to achieve. Personally, I'm going on holiday with my gang of ferociously attractive friends in the summer and I don't want to get thrown in the see by a mistaken whale trainer. I'm joking. Ish. Point 4 ;)

What are your motivation tips? Or do you have a clothes/summer goal?
Fell free to comment, it makes me happy :)

Livvy xx

*I'm not a qualified trainer or nutritionist or anything, these are all just my opinions and experiences.


  1. I'm exactly the same! I recently did a post called Gym Rat about how much I'd been going and it was making little difference etc, so I was sort of leaning towards going less but I forced myself to keep going as I have a last minute holiday booked in 5 weeks, yikes! So with 5 weeks, going to the gym is all I can think about haha.

    My tip would therefore be not to give up, as you don't know what's around the corner ;)


    1. Haha, ah good shout! I'll go check out your blog :) Have a lovely holiday :) x