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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Valentine's Day Hair + Make-Up (From the Patron of Singledom)

Hey gang, hope you've all had an immense week.

First up I would like to apologise for neglecting my blog for a whole week, however I'm not going to because I've had a brilliant week celebrating my birthday. ;) Although someone did say to me 'another year older, eh'  -way to metaphorically synge me with my candles. I am so spoilt by my friends and family and I appreciate it with all my heart :) I got lots of lovely pressies and had about 5 birthday meals (3 on the same day, diet posts need a serious re-appearence!). One stand-out gift was this bag from Mango:

It's me all over! Plus it's going to be perfect for Spring + Summer, bonus. I'm not going to do a birthday present 'haul' because I personally am not feeling watching what nice new things other people have at the moment. I'm definitely feeling poor and bitter lol!

So to the point of the post, Valentine's Day. Now I know some people will have just seen the initial 'Vale...' and practically sicked in their mouth at the thought. Trust me, I feel the gag reflex going, but a few years ago I made the decision to try not to be toooooo bitter about couples having their own day dedicated to rubbing it in singeltons faces (minimised, but still present, bitterness ;)).

Me and 2 of my single friends have decided we need to gather on the day and celebrate not being chained to someone we know we'll resent eventually (bitterness levels rising). So with the most forced desire to celebrate this day, I have come up with a couple of Valentine's Day looks; one relaxed and one more 'done-up'. Bitterness aside I do love lots of people, I don't need to be in love to share the 'Livvy Love'. Lol at myself!

Look 1 is a really chilled out, girly, day time look. It's perfect for the cinema or lunch or something, effortless (looking, I swear when I'm wearing make-up it always ends up being effort-full ;)) and cute. It's great for a first date as well because it's not really OTT (look at me talking about dates as if I know! Lol!). And of course it's perfect for chilling with your friends and not looking like you want to seduce them:

Yes, that is Queen of Bittersville wearing a heart jumper...
 In this look I've just left my hair loose. It's second day hair, slept on after being styled with my Babyliss Curling Wand. Yes the ends need a brush, but who am I trying to impress? ;) I used a Une Skin Glow Pencil in shade G02 on my waterline to brighten my eyes and a Nars Orgasm/MAC Pinch O'Peach combination on my cheeks, lightly applied for a natural glowing look. On my lips is one of my birthday presents, oh my gosh I'm in love with it. It is Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Pale Mauve 73. It looks unsuspecting in the packaging, but my lovely friend Justine who bought it for me was gas bagging away to the lady on the counter so I tested out a LOT, and this one just had to be bought. Literally, I think it climbed in my brain and insisted it had to be mine. Addict.

Moving on from that creepy statement, to look 2. This one is a lot more vampish and flirty, for an evening meal or night out. For the, 'I've made an effort for you' look:

Darker brows, liquid liner, more blush, more mascara, bright red lips (Maybeline Color Sensation in Fatal Red 530 with L'Oreal Glam Shine Sheer Grenadine 181) = Dramatic flirty look. 
This look is definitely for those who believe in 'more is more'. I 100% understand that it's a bit much, but I think for Valentine's Day attracting a bit of attention to yourself is fine. I'd wear this with more bronzer or a darker foundation if I was wearing it out, I was convinced my flash was hating on me until I remembered I'd forgotten bronzer. Wally. I think the top knot, which is a wrapped around plait, softens the look. Imgaine this with your fav black dress, pleather jacket, pretty scarf, gold jewellery and wedges... Bit of cleavage or legs out depending on who you're with. Obviously I won't be whacking my boobs out for my 'friends date', hence the imaginary scarf. I haven't done a clothes section because bar my minimalist ideas, you'd be a moron to take fashion advice from me.

In my opinion the top look is nicer for Valentine's Day because it's cute. Having said that I'd probably wear the second because I always get heavy handed with make-up, although I did actually really like this on (it looks more dragalicious on camera). Speaking of my love for OTT, I did Valentine's nails too. To be honest, I did get carried away. I blame the post-Christmas lack of glitter. All of December you're invited to play magpie then BAM, spring pastels hit the shops. Well I rebelled (too much) and bedazzled my fingers:

Barry M Bright Pink, OPI Excuse Moi! and Rimmel Disco Ball. (Dear HD, why are you showing my shoddy nail painting skills?)
Me basically just checking how close I can zoom on my camera. Such a child... Re-iterated by the epic quantity of glitter.

Yes it's a LOT, but who cares?! If a sexyfine rugby player walks up to me I'll put my hands in my pockets, until then I'm going to let nail polish make me happy.

I genuinely do hope that you all have a lovely Valentine's Day if you're celebrating, however many times I've used the word 'bitter' in this post. Lol. And if you aren't celebrating go and buy yourself a piece of make-up with the money you've saved by being single ;)

Ta for reading, please follow or comment with whatever you like (that isn't spam preferably).

Livvy xx


  1. I love the pink bag!Check out my Body Shop - Chocomaina giveaway!

    1. Thanks doll :) It's actually more of a coraly orange, but my camera wouldn't pick it up.
      Cool I'll go have a look at your giveaway :) x

  2. You look gorgeous hon and love the nails. And the heart jumper! Just found you on Twitter - I'm @fluffyblog!

    Emma xo

    1. Aw thank you :) I didn't realise how long it'd take to prepare for that post, blogging is a full time hobby lol!
      The jumper's from River Island, but the end of 2010 :/
      I followed you back on Twitter! Good times :) xx

  3. Late happy birthday! Love your bag and those nails are so so pretty. xxx

    1. Thank you doll :) Aw ta, it was almost impossible to get off lol! Glitter is such a sacrifice ;) Haha x

  4. your hair looks gorgeous!!! xxxx

    1. Thank you babe. It really needs a cut actually :P x

  5. cute bag! you look really pretty with red lipstick :)
    Love Lois xxx